Show the same thing on two (or more) TVs

Sometimes, you want to show the exact same menu and options on two different TVs. Here's how!

How to show the same menu on an additional TV

  1. Visit the Displays section of the dashboard.
  2. Find the display you want to duplicate. Press the "Duplicate display" button.
  3. Type a name for the new TV and press "Duplicate".
  4. Finally, pair and activate the new TV.

Usage notes

Keep in mind that once you duplicate a TV, any changes you make to settings on one TV will not be automatically copied to the other. Sometimes, this is desirable (e.g. to highlight different menu sections or to use a different background image).

If you regularly need to update multiple TVs with the same settings after duplicating them, please let Support know. This helps us track demand for potential enhancements to this feature.

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