Showing different things on different TVs

If you've linked multiple TVs to, you can easily configure them to show different parts of your menu. This article will walk you through how

The default: Full menu on each TV

By default, when you link a new TV, it is automatically configured to show your entire menu. This default applies every time you link a new TV.

For some folks, this default is ideal because they want to show the same list in multiple areas or rooms. However, you can easily change and customize what each TV shows.

About your menu

Before we jump in, let's take a quick look at an important related section of the dashboard: Your Menu editor. Here's what ours looks like:

Your menu starts with two automatic sections — "All Taps" and "On Deck". But we also have a powerful additional tool here, custom menu sections, which allows you to create additional menu sections with any combination of taps or beverages.

As we customize our TVs, we'll create some additional menu sections on this screen, then pop over to the Displays editor to show them on a specific TV.

Customizing each TV

Let's say you have 2 TVs, and 8 taps. You want to show the first 6 taps on TV1, and the final 2 taps on TV2. There are two steps to performing this work:

  1. Step 1: Create two custom menu sections
  2. Step 2: Connect each TV to the appropriate section

Step 1: Create the custom menu sections

First, let's prepare a custom menu section for each TV. These sections won't be shown on your web menu; they are sections that exist only to collect the specific things you want to show on that TV.

Head over to the Menu editor and navigate to the "Add" tab at the top. Give the section a title, like "Taps for TV 1", and press create. (Don't worry about the text here; it won't show on the TV.)

Once the section is created, press the "Add tap" button to place a specific tap on this section. For our example, we'll place taps 1-6 in this section.

Note: Remember that taps always show what's on that tap, which changes as you tap kegs. You can also place a specific, fixed beverage on the section by pressing "Add beverage" instead. This would be a good option for a menu section like, "Rare bottles".

Repeat this process for each tap you want on TV 1; and repeat the whole process to create the "Taps for TV 2" section. Here's our finished second section:

You're now ready to configure your TVs.

Step 2: Connect each TV to the appropriate section

It's time to tell our TVs what section(s) the should show. Now, navigate over to the Displays section. As you can see, we're starting with two TVs that are currently showing the same thing:

Click "Configure display" on TV 1. In the sidebar, find the "TV and Menu" section. Update the "Menu sections to show" part to show only our new custom menu section. When you're finished, it should look like this:

Scroll down to the bottom and press "Save". Repeat this process for TV 2, but selecting "Taps for TV 2" on that menu.

Congratulations! You are now done customizing each TV.

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