Taplist.io was designed to look great on large-screen TVs, but that doesn't always translate well to differently-sized desktop computers and small mobile screens.

To deal with these differences, your tap list will be shown in a special mode, Desktop Mode, on PC and Mobile web browsers. Because of the multitude of configurations supported this way, Desktop Mode won't look the same as your display, but it will look similar.

Desktop Mode will make use of the following Look and Feel settings:

  • Font choices, colors, and sizes.
  • Background color.
  • Title and "Coming Soon" text.
  • Show or hide "On Deck" kegs.

Desktop Mode will not use:

  • Theme-specific layouts and features.
  • Column settings.
  • Maximum tap settings.

Finally, Desktop Mode does not automatically refresh when taps are changed. You will need to manually reload the page.

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