What does "not publishing" mean?

Your Taplist.io menu will be shown to the world in two different ways, which together we call publishing:

  • Over the web, at your own custom taplist.io/example URL
  • On one or more TV, as a digital sign, using the Taplist.io TV app

Publishing is always enabled on paid accounts in good standing.

What is "not publishing"?

If your account does not have a subscription plan, the publishing features above are disabled. We call this not publishing. 

All new accounts start without a subscription plan. We do this so new customers can explore Taplist.io without having to subscribe first.

There are some other, less common reasons your account might be not publishing:

  • If you previously had a paid subscription, but cancelled it, your account is automatically returned to a "not publishing" state once your subscription is processed.
  • If you have a free account, and have not signed in in over 30 days, our system may automatically unpublish your account. (This only applies to accounts without a paid subscription.)

To enable publishing, ensure your account has a valid plan selected in your account settings.

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