Kegtron Pro and Integration Guide has a built-in integration with the Kegtron Pro keg measurement system. By using this integration, you can:

  • Automatically update per-keg "served volume" in from Kegtron Pro data. Keg illustrations on your digital menus will adjust to show approximate fill levels.
  • Automatically update keg temperatures in from Kegtron Pro data.
  • Optionally, automatically create kegs in when Kegtron Pro reports a new beverage.

We think and Kegtron Pro make a wonderful combo! Read on to set up the integration.


To use the Kegtron Pro integration, please verify the following requirements first.

You will need:

  • A paid account in good standing.
  • A Kegtron Pro system. Only Kegtron Pro devices are compatible.
  • Access to your Kegtron Pro cloud account.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Retrieve your Kegtron API key

Visit the Kegtron Dashboard and log in using your Kegtron username/password.
Under the " Account" section, find " API Key". Copy the value and hang on to it. You will need it in Step 3.

Step 2: Create a new device in

In the dashboard, visit the Kegtron Pro integration page. Press "Add a Kegtron Device".

Step 3: Enter API key

In the dashboard, paste your API key into the form and press save.

Step 4: Configure settings

Once your API key has been accepted, will show you a settings for the device. Important: The integration will not change any of your data until you configure settings in this step.

Keg management option

The option "Automatically create, end, and replace kegs according to Kegtron data" controls how manages kegs at the taps you have connected:

  • Disabled (default): Kegtron data will update whatever keg is on tap in, even if beverage names do not match. When there is no keg connected, kegtron data for that tap is ignored.
  • Enabled: will automatically create a keg to match the Kegtron beverage data. When you change kegs on Kegtron, will automatically end the keg on that tap and create a new keg. Any updates to the keg name, description, producer, style, ABV, IBU or SRM on the Kegtron Cloud Dashboard will be updated on

Getting help

That's it! Do you need help with your integration? Please contact support and we will be happy to assist.

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