What are "grid" and "flow" TV layouts?

When Taplist.io builds your TV menu, our rendering engine fits your items on screen using the theme and options you picked.

Depending on the theme you are using, one of two layout techniques will be used:

  1. Grid layout: Each screen of your menu is built with a fixed size grid (for example, 4 rows by 2 columns).
  2. Flow layout: Each screen of your menu is built by fitting as much as possible onto the screen, usually with some maximum constraints from settings.

The following themes use grid layout:

  • Grid theme
  • Sectional theme

The following themes use flow layout:

  • Jumbo theme
  • Griddy theme
  • Griddy 2 theme
  • Dense theme
  • Simple Portrait theme
  • Big Board theme

Which layout is right for me?

Each technique has advantages.

  • Grid themes are best when you want a fixed, predictable number of items on screen, or you want to avoid your screen scrolling into additional pages.
  • Flow themes are best when you want to automatically accommodate all menu information, especially long descriptions.

Generally and if in doubt, we recommend selecting one of our Grid themes.

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