How are extra displays billed?

All plans allow you to connect a single linked Display (sometimes simply called a TV) at no extra charge.

Some plans, particularly our Pro plan, allow you to connect additional displays for an additional monthly charge.

Many of our larger and more sophisticated customers take advantage of this to show stunning multiple-TV menus, or simply show the same menu in different rooms. This article explains how billing works for extra displays.

Base rate & proration

Extra displays have a base monthly rate, for example, $10/month/display. Review your plan details to determine your rate.

When you link a new display to your account, your next invoice will automatically include a prorated charge for usage of that display in the month.

For example, let's say it's June 15. Your next invoice is due June 30. You add a new display to your account, which has a charge of $10/display/month. On June 30, you will be invoiced for 15 days of usage, or $5, for the additional display.

Charges and usage

Additional displays are charged as soon as the display is linked to your account, and continue until the display is unlinked. We do not charge based on whether a display is online or offline.

If you have an offline display that you are not planning to reactivate, delete it from your account to avoid additional charges.

Help and support

If you have a question about your bill, made a mistake, or just need a little help — no problem! We're here for you. Visit the Support Center and we'll help get it sorted.

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