How do I get all of my text to fit?

Unlike the competition, supports a wide variety of themes and customizations for your TV layout. You can turn on and off many options through the advanced layout configurator which is built into the dashboard.

This powerful flexibility comes with a trade-off: Because there are so many possible combinations, sometimes the look and feel that results from your options and menu data isn't quite perfect. A common type of problem is "clipping text": Your beverage description gets cut off.

How to fix clipping text

Fortunately, there are several ways to address clipping text.

Use shorter descriptions

The number one cause we see for clipping text is the use of very long beverage descriptions. Generally, you should try to keep your beverage descriptions short and to the point; under 100 characters is a good target.

Not only do short descriptions help avoid text clipping, they may also be better for your patrons. We've observed that customers have an easier time making a selection when there is less to read. Remember, your description is for a menu — not a wikipedia entry!

Change font sizes

Another option is to use slightly smaller font sizes. We recommend you play with this option in two ways:

  • Try reducing the "Beverage Details" or "Description" font sizes, to directly reduce the description size.
  • Try reducing the other font sizes, to make room. For example, by shrinking the beverage title, there is more space for beverage metrics and description.

You can use the the preview tool when experimenting with these options to ensure the look is just right.

Reduce other options

There is such a thing as having too much going on. While our themes offer many options that can be turned on, some of the most elegant and readable menus we've seen embody a "less is more" approach.

Disabling other options, such as logos, illustrations, or extra beverage detail, can make space for the rest of your menu.

When all else fails

When it comes to themes, we're constantly trying to strike the best balance of simplicity and customizability. In rare cases, this means the look a customer has in mind can't quite be achieved out-of-the box.

If you're running into such a situation, please let us know so we can incorporate your goals into future theme development. Although we cannot promise immediate development against such feedback, our product's history is rich with improvements we've made in direct response to customer feedback.

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