Will my menu appear in search engines?

When you create your web menu on Taplist.io, we automatically publish it at the web address shown in your dashboard. Here is some more information about this menu and search engines.

Will my menu appear in Google and similar search engines?

Yes, you menu is available to web crawlers like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others. Taplist.io does not restrict access to your menu on the web — it's just like a public web page.

After I create my menu, how long does it take to appear on Google?

We don't know exactly how fast Google and other search engines pick up new pages on the web.

For Google and other search engines to return your page, it helps to start sharing links to it. Search engines follow links when they crawl other, more popular pages, so the best way for it to learn about yours is to have some other places link to it.

Many of our customers publish their Taplist.io address on their homepage, on Facebook and Twitter biographies, and in their social media updates.

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