Can I use for multiple locations?

Yes. Your account can easily be used to manage two or more bars, brewpubs, or other retail locations.

About Locations in

When you signed up with, we automatically created a single Location in your account. In, a location corresponds to a physical presence of your operation, like a storefront.

Locations are mostly invisible to you as a user of until you create a second Location. Here is where shines.

When you have multiple locations, some data will be shared between them: Your Beverage Database, Team settings, and login email/password work across all locations. However, each location will have its own isolated: Menu, Keg Room, Web page and web settings, and set of Displays.

Switching locations

Once your account has a second Location installed, you will see a location switcher in the top navigation bar. Use the drop-down menu to easily switch between locations.

Creating an additional Location

If you are on a Pro account, you can add an additional location whenever you are ready.

  1. Visit the Locations dashboard in your Account settings.
  2. Click Create Another Location and follow the on-screen instructions. is priced by location. For example, if you are on the Pro plan for $29/month for your first location, two locations will be charged as 2 x $29/month.

Merging accounts

If you signed up for with two different e-mail addresses, you are already managing multiple locations.

However, because these Locations were created separately, has no built-in awareness that they are owned by the same person. Thus, you will not be able to use multi-location features, like sharing a Beverage Database or fast switching between locations. support can help you merge these into one account. To do so, please contact support and provide:

  1. Source account: The e-mail address and URL of the location you'd like to migrate.
  2. Destination account: The e-mail address and URL of the account you'd like to merge it into.

We will respond with any additional questions and schedule a migration.

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