How to use tap-specific images

Beverage Image guideWhen shows your menu, and you've configured beverage images, we'll show logos for the beverage or the producer.

For a more advanced look, you can configure your Taps to show a static image that doesn't change with the beverage. Some of our client's use this for a custom look, for example, they use an image for a billiards ball with the number "1" for Tap 1, "2" for Tap 2, and so on.

Here's how you can create and add tap-specific images.

Step 1: Open tap options

Visit On Tap and find the tap you want to customize. Click Configure tap.

Step 2: Upload an image

Find the Tap Image Override section. Add or upload your image by clicking on the button.

Usage Note

Tap images will only appear if your TV and Web settings are configured to Show Logos. See the instructions in our to confirm your settings.

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