Can I embed a menu on another website?

Would you like to embed your beverage menu on Wordpress, Squarespace, or any other website? You can! Read on.

Requirements supports a rich and versatile embedded widget. You'll need the following things in order to use it:

  • A paid subscription. All plans support embed mode.
  • A hosting provider that supports the <script> tag.

How to embed

To embed your menu, locate your widget instructions from the dashboard. 

First, visit the Web Settings tab, then click Embed.

You will see a code snippet. Copy and paste this code snippet into your web host to embed the menu.

How to customize

Once your menu is embedded, you may want to customize its appearance.

Although has a built-in editor for your TV menu and hosted web menu, the embedded menu works a little bit differently: All customizations to embedded menus are done through CSS. We've found this approach gives our clients the maximum flexibility to match their site.

For a detailed guide on using CSS for embedded customizations, please see this HOWTO and discussion in our community forum.

Example code

The following code embes the demo venue, "Mike's Ale Haus", with default appearance. If you're curious about whether your host supports the script tag, you can try using this widget.

<!-- BEGIN Menu -->
<div class="taplistio-embed-menu" data-venue="mike"></div><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
<!-- END Menu --><br>

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