Integrate with Plaato Keg is the first digital beer menu to integrate with Plaato Keg, an awesome keg level sensor.

You can connect your account to one or more Plaato Keg devices. When you link a tap to your Plaato Keg, that tap's will automatically show the keg level on your digital menus. Follow these instructions to link your account.

Step 1: Get your Plaato API Key(s)

We will need an API key to read your Plaato data. Follow these instructions to request your API key(s) from Plaato. At time of writing, the instructions are simple:

To get the auth_tokens contact the Plaato team by sending an email to with the subject "Auth token" and provide your username. We will send you your token(s) as soon as possible. 

Each Plaato Keg device has a unique API key. You will need to request a key for each device you want to integrate.

Step 2: Configure your taps

From the top menu of the dashboard, click on Account, then Integrations. Finally, find and click the Plaato option. This is the screen where we'll set up and configure your integration.

You will see a form where you can input your Plaato API key. Paste it in and select which tap it should update.

Repeat this process for any additional Plaato API keys you have.

Once your tap is linked, your keg levels will automatically update. Please note it may take up to 10 minutes for Plaato updates to make it to 

Got ideas or feedback about this feature? Discuss Plaato here in the forum!

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