Import from Brewer's Friend

Brewer's Friend is a popular homebrewing recipe and batch manager. If you have a Brewer's Friend account, you can connect it to your account.

What it does

By connecting your Brewer's Friend account, will:

  • Create a new Beverage in your Beverage DB for every Recipe in your Brewer's Friend account.
  • Create an On Deck Keg for any Batch you currently have active in your Brewer's Friend account.


To use this integration, you will need:

  • A Brewer's Friend account with access to the API Key feature. At the time of writing, API access is a paid feature of Brewer's Friend.

Linking your account

When you're ready to link your Brewer's Friend account, follow these steps.

Step 1: Get your API Key from Brewer's Friend

Log in to your Brewer's Friend account and visit the Integrations page

At the top, you will see your API key. Press the Copy API Key value to copy this value.

Save this value somewhere safe for now. Treat your API key like a password or other secret.

Step 2: Add API Key to

Visit the Integrations Page and scroll down to the Brewer's Friend section. Click Sync with Brewer's Friend.

Paste your API key into the box when prompted, click Save Credentials, then Continue. Follow the instructions to proceed with data synchronization.

Next Steps

That's it! Your recipes will be imported as Beverages in the Beverage DB, and your active batches will be created as On Deck kegs.

Note: Currently Brewer's Friend sync is not automatic. You will need to visit the Integrations Page and click Sync whenever you want to update data from Brewer's Friend. Automatic synchronization is coming soon.

Need help or have an idea about this integration? Please visit the community discussion for Brewer's Friend and let us know!

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