Does have a mobile app? does not have a mobile app, but works great on mobile.

That's because we've designed the dashboard — — to work in all modern web browsers, including those on your iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Every management feature of is available through our web app, and can be used this way, including:

  • Creating and managing menus and beverages
  • Linking and configuring displays
  • Managing account and team settings
  • Viewing and managing your subscription

We have chosen to invest in our web site, which works on all platforms, rather than duplicate its functionality into standalone mobile apps.

What about the Viewer app? does have an Android app in the Google Play and Amazon app stores. This app is called the Viewer, and is what runs on your compatible TV devices to show your menu on a TV.

The functionality of the Viewer app is deliberately minimal: Its job is to be something you install once and only manage remotely, from the Dashboard.

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