Guide to setting and managing prices

Customers with a Pro subscription can set and manage beverage prices through Prices managed this will be shown on your web menu and TV menu.

How to Set Prices

You can set prices for any beverage listed as On Tap or On Deck. To add or update prices, do the following:

  1. Visit the Menu section of your dashboard.
  2. Find the item whose prices you'd like to manage. Click Manage Prices.
  3. Create, edit, or remove prices using the editor that pops up.

Like most changes you can make in the dashboard, price updates will be pushed in realtime and will be reflected immediately on your display.

Using Other Currencies

You can show prices in many other currencies. Press the currency symbol (default $) on any price to select another currency.

Usage Notes

Please keep the following usage notes in mind:

  • Not all themes support pricing. Currently the following themes support prices: Dense, Simple Portrait, Griddy, Griddy 2.0, and Big Board.
  • Most themes can only show your first three prices.

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