What is an "On Deck" keg?

With Taplist.io, you can select beverages to feature as not yet available — but coming soon — at your bar or tap room. We call these your "On Deck" kegs.

Follow these steps to create a new "On Deck" keg:

  1. From your Taplist.io dashboard, navigate to your Beverage Database.
  2. Find and click on the beverage you want to list as on deck. (If the beverage doesn't exist yet, create it and return to this step.)
  3. On the right hand side of the beverage page, you should see a button labeled Create/Tap a Keg. Click this button then select the option to add it to "The Keg Room as On Deck".
  4. The new keg will be created with On Deck status.

Note that your display must be configured to Show On Deck Kegs for this keg to appear publicly. Visit your Look and Feel Settings page to enable this setting if necessary.

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