What is an "On Deck" keg?

With Taplist.io, you can select kegs to feature as not yet available — but coming soon — at your bar or tap room. Here's how.

How to create an "On Deck" keg

Follow these steps to create a new "On Deck" keg:

  1. From the Taplist.io dashboard, navigate to the Keg Room.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and press "Create a keg".
  3. Create the new keg with the beverage and key type parameters you prefer, then press "Create".
  4. On the final screen, under "Status", select "In Keg Room as On Deck".
  5. Press "Done".

Automatically show "On Deck" kegs on your menu

You can configure Taplist.io to automatically show "On Deck" kegs in a specific menu section. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Visit your menu in the Menu Editor.
  2. Add a new section by pressing the "New section" button.
  3. Give your section a title (like "Coming soon").
  4. Press the "Advanced options" button.
  5. Under "Section type", pick "On deck menu section".
  6. Save the new section by pressing "Add section".
Example of creating a new "On deck" menu section.

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