What is the maximum number of supported taps?

Taplist.io is designed for locations large and small. Because we support both professional and non-professional customers, your plan may have some limits:

  • Accounts on the Free plan can manage up to 4 taps.
  • Accounts on the Hobby plan can manage up to 32 taps.
  • Accounts on the Pro plan do not have a set limit.

You can create a new tap by visiting the Menu section of your dashboard and clicking Add Another Tap at the bottom of the On Tap list.

How many taps will show on screen at once?

It's up to you! We have themes and layouts for small lists and large lists. The number of taps that fit on screen depends on many factors, including:

  • The theme you have chosen in Look and Feel settings.
  • The options you have configured for that theme.
  • Whether or not you have enabled keg images and logos.

We recommend you log in and experiment with all options under Display settings, which shows preview of what your display would look like.

All themes support Automatic Carousel mode: If you have more taps than can fit on a single screen, the list will automatically rotate to show multiple pages.

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