What hardware can I use with Taplist.io?

One principle Taplist.io was designed with is, "You shouldn't need strange or expensive hardware to show off a really awesome digital beer menu."

Taplist.io officially supports the following hardware devices:

New: As of September 2020, we have iOS and AppleTV applications in development, and expect to release these in the coming weeks. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the latest updates.

Unofficially (as in we can't test or guarantee the quality of your experience), Taplist.io supports many other devices.

Don't be scared by the "unsupported" label: Because of the way Taplist.io is designed, it can work (and work well) on many of these devices. While we do not have the bandwidth to help with them, you may have good success. Use the Taplist.io forum for help with unsupported devices.

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